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Conifer Lodge Cattery
92 Old Church Lane, off Marsh Lane
Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 2RR

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Providing quality care for your cat

Before we built our Cattery, we used to board our cats elsewhere, just like you.
We also had concerns and worries when depositing them, so we know how you feel when leaving your cat with us, especially for the first time. The most obvious concerns are:

Will they settle?

Our experience show that most cats need a day or two to settle, though some will adapt straight away. As you know, this is due to the change of their environment and not knowing our staff. We make every effort to gain their confidence with a calm and gentle approach. Our Cattery is staffed with mature and experienced people who have had animals throughout their lives and know just how to care for them. We do know what your pet means to you and you can rest assured that they will be very well cared for. With 30 years of experience, we aim to please. Your patronage is never taken for granted.

Will they eat and be well fed?

Cats are always fed immediately upon arrival with wet and dry food. We use various diets and popular brands. Wet food is given as a main meal and dry is given after to compliment the food and clean their teeth. Your cat should be fed with the food he/she is used to. If we do not have your food we will ask you to provide it, for which we will give an allowance. Most cats eat straight away, though some may take a bit longer. They are given as much food as they can eat and are fed twice daily.

Will they be warm during cold days?

During the cold weather, the entire cattery is fully heated throughout. We use electric heaters and the heat is evenly distributed. The sleeping quarters are indoors, while the runs are outdoors. These are not heated. Boarding regulations require a certain temperature and a thermometer is always displayed on the wall.

Will they be in a clean environment?

Our sleeping quarters (pens) are vacuumed every day, together with the cats' bedding, the pens are regularly washed, as are the concrete runs. Litter trays are cleaned 4 times and every unit is disinfected between occupants (a boarding regulation requirements). We accept your own bedding, provided it is prewashed.

Will they get enough attention?

Our aim is to gain the trust and confidence of every cat that comes to us. Once we achieve this, the cats are happy, friendly and eat well. Some cats are friendly, some are placid, some are timid and some are nervous. We learn quickly about each one’s behaviour. They are all lovely in their own way. Our years of experience have taught us that a calm and gentle approach and plenty of cuddles does the trick, even with the most nervous of cats. Put your trust in us.

Keeping in touch

You are always welcome to call us during our working hours to enquire about your pet. We will contact you whenever possible and inform you of any problems, should they arise. Your decision will always be final.

Conifer Lodge Cattery

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Conifer Lodge

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Conifer Lodge Cattery
92 Old Church Lane
off Marsh Lane

Tel:   020 8954 1334

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